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sen-ior-i-tis (n)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

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It is official. At first I was just experiencing mild symptoms and I really didn't think much of it. I figured this too will end up passing and I will feel normal again. However,  this wasn't the case. The symptoms just kept getting worse and worse. I started feeling light headed and was in a constant haze of sleepiness. Then the headaches set in. Mood swings ensued and last but not least a general feeling of apathy settled over me. That's when I knew. The disease was upon me and there is only one cure... graduation. I suppose senioritis hits everyone at some point in time. I was really hoping it wouldn't come until May 11... seeing as how graduation is May 12.

But here I am. Currently at school waiting for evolution to start. Don't worry, I got here early and my proper seat has been secured. (If you don't know what I am talking about check it out here). It is good to know my competitive nature is still alive and kickin. I am positive that is a skill any employer wants to see on a resume: Excellent seat acquirer... she doesn't let anybody take her seat! With that one skill alone think of all the job offers I am going to have rolling in... I actually couldn't think of any really cool jobs where I could just sit all day so I googled it. And all I found was how sitting all day is slowly killing you. So I guess we can mark that one off of my list!
Now I only have until May. That is 7 months until I am FREE! And hopefully have a secure seat at a graduate school not located in the vicinity of New Mexico. But until then... I come to school. Sit through my classes. Go to work. Do applications... a never ending pile of applications. Then I get home where I know I need to study for that test/speech/paper/homework assignment that is due soon. But all I see is my super comfy sofa and oh look! Gossip girl recorded!! I will just do my stuff after this one episode. No biggie. Wait I have a Grey's Anatomy and a Just Desserts AND The Mentalist on my DVR?  Why is school work getting in the way of my lazy time?

My will power used to be so strong. But now all I see is the twinkling tv and a pillow and the change is instant. I go from productive college student to sloth from the time it takes to poor a glass of wine and settle in on the couch. Which I have perfected so it really only takes about 30 seconds.

But in reality I am quite productive. I get all my stuff done... maybe not up to the excellent bar that I usually set for myself but nonetheless it gets done. But I don't know how much longer I can take this. 7 months is forever in a 21 year old's life. I need some serious help if I am going to make it through with my sanity.

Oh got to go. The kid who has been taking my seat walked in and gave me the angry eyes. I win sir. I win....

So now it is the day after yesterday. Which is today. And I got too slothish to actually click the little button that says publish so you can see this blog.

That's me... fighting senioritis one day at a time. I'm currently losing.
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