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Blowing Through Town

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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Hello friends. I know I have been sooooo slow with the blogging lately. It is because my mind has been otherwise occupied. And by occupied I mean my brain is slowing eroding away into nothingness with no sleep and anxiety out of the wazoo.

But, I have several good stuff to share with you I just have been wanting to wait for the right time to tell you. I suppose now could be the right time to tell you. I really am just looking to put off studying for statistics for another several minutes so I figure this is a good way to do that. Oh, the life of a professionally trained procrastinator... I think I should get paid for my relatively stunning abilities to intensely procrastinate anything and everything and still always get it done on time and in good fashion.

1. I am going back to Boston for the summer to do more research. Which basically means... 60-80 hour work weeks. Little to no sleep. Running (assuming I don't fall down another flight of stairs... which is actually more likely than you would think) around beautiful rivers and streams. Living another 10-12 weeks in one of my favorite cities. PLUS I have great people to work around in lab and a good friend who will also be there doing research. Additional plus, I get paid really decently and never had to apply. HHMI is amazing and I am glad they gave me the opportunity to go back.

2. Guess what folks... it's official. I don't have to sell all of my belongings and head to Italy to become a hippie farmer who mainly spends most of her time drinking wine. Though, I will still continue the wine drinking wherever I may go. Also, I just learned how to make some bomb Sangria in wine class which was so delicious. So, I expect to be making this for friends, family, and of course myself very soon. Oh wait... the point... I got in to graduate school!!! I don't know where I am going yet and I am not going to tell you my options as of now. I'll let you know when I decide. But the main thing is that no matter what, I am going somewhere. It's pretty epic.

3. I will be writing a weekly wine post as promised but I don't think I am going to start it for a while. I have a couple of other things to concentrate on like... graduating, deciding where to place my life for the next 5-6 years, work, finding a place to live (probably should be at the top of my list right now), and my favorite thing in the whole world: sleep! Of which I am currently/ lacking (I'm actually always lacking sleep but it's gotten more intense within the past month or so) as my plane got in this morning and I didn't get home till around 1:30 am and I have very insanely long school day including a test. Speaking of planes, I have more traveling stories to tell you all probably tomorrow.

Stay cool my friends. And if you're in Las Cruces, welcome to the windy, dusty, really too long season of spring. It's officially started as indicated by the actually rather low 30-40 mph winds outside... which really put a damper on the otherwise pleasant temperatures of the next several months. Try not to blow away. I know it can be rather difficult at times.

The Awkward Library

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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I just had the most awkward encounter in the library and I need to share it with you.

So, here I am sitting with my book and papers spread out. Drinking a coffee and eating my breakfast in the library at school before class starts.

I happen to be studying for my medical microbiology class in which we had a case study presented to us last week and are now going over the organism which caused this fictitious women's unpleasant STD.

All of the sudden, I feel like I am being watched. I turn to see this guy standing right next to my table looking at me intensely. I give him a strange quizzical glance and then turn back to my homework.

Next thing I know I hear him say: Man, that's harsh.

At first, I don't quite understand that he is talking to me. But then it becomes clear when he doesn't leave right away. I turn and say, "Excuse me?"

He then goes on to say that he doesn't want to judge me because we all do stupid things. But googling my "symptoms" isn't going to help me. The best way to know is to go to the doctor and get checked.

This kid is obviously looking out for me so I let him continue on with his little rant. He further goes to explain that Gonorrhea is a horrible disease to catch and it could actually lead to my infertility if left untreated. And did I know that it is becoming quite resistant to antibiotics... AND it often is present with multiple other STDs.

He continues to give me the low down on Gonorrhea quite loudly... in a fairly filled library. I am acutely aware of how many people are staring at us.

I ask the guy if he is a biology major. He just says nope... English. And his face gets a little sad at the fact that he just realized how much he knows about this particular STD. Which makes me a little concerned for how he came upon this fairly detailed information.

He walks away and leaves the library while several people continue to stare at me... obviously thinking I have an STD. Sweet.

I look back down at my homework and realize he has just answered every single question for me. So, thanks English major in the library. In return for a good 20ish people thinking I have Gonorrhea... you did my homework for me.

I know... I'm kind of a failure

Thursday, February 16, 2012

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Sorry, I have been failing at posting. These early mornings and traveling along with school and homework are kind of starting to wear me down! As a matter of fact I have to head out for 5 straight hours of class including a quiz here in a minute. And I just took three tests on Tuesday (Happy V-day to me). So... I'm kind of a tired wreck and really just want to sleep forever. Or just drink 18 gallons of coffee. Either will do.

I have some good news though that I will be writing about very very soon! Also, some beautiful pictures of my trip to Michigan. I absolutely love it there.

Stay with me folks and I promise to get stuff out within a day or two!

I Really Love Airplanes...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

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This is the second edition of my airplane adventures. This was never intended to be more than one post but I really cannot resist.
Airports and airplanes are like breeding grounds for rude, ridiculous, and highly entertaining people. It astounds me the type of stuff people pull. I am convinced that only about 3% of the human population have actually been taught some semblance of manners.

I think this would be an excellent thesis project for some statistician somewhere in the world. And it would be pretty easy to study. Just go to your local airport and sit and watch the mayhem unfold.

So... here I am sitting in the Detroit airport waiting for my flight to head home. But first I have to fly through Charlotte. Then I fly over New Mexico to Phoenix, AZ where I then have to fly back over New Mexico to get to El Paso, TX... so I can drive back into New Mexico to go sleep in my comfy bed. This ridiculousness is going to take me 10 very long hours!

On to people stories. Let me start with the lady that is currently sitting diagonally behind me at my gate waiting area. The most intense phone conversations are occurring with her and the people on the other side of the phone.

I don't purposely listen to people's conversations but sometimes you just can't resist it. Especially when she answers her phone and the first thing that comes out of her mouth is:

Gurl you be lucky yo butt wasn't at home when he was killed. You know them popo always be expecting to have us wives to have murdered them husbands. It is like they think you have your jordans on all up in yo black and blue lookin all fine and then you go and wack him off. Like why you be killin somebody when you looking that fine? Gurl you lucky! Oh hey honey I got to take this other call... Hey boo. Oh yeah I just talked to that gurl. She ain't too upset. Shame about that dumb kid. His poor mama. Oh yeah boo when I get home I am gonna look for a frame up in that place. It is with your shirt off!? DAMN! Oh lord have mercy.

Really... I cannot even make that up. It is still going too. She is currently discussing the state of our job economy. I could write a book about this lady. Or at least several posts.

People are also insanely rude. On my way to Michigan, I was boarding my last flight to find a man sitting in my seat... when his two pint sized babies/kids sprawled out in the middle seat and his wife sitting on the end seat.

It takes me a good 3 minutes to get this ladies attention. Where she then gives me the dirtiest look as if I have interrupted her precious time. I explain that her husband is in my seat. She stares at me for a second and goes oh... we must have has seat D on the other side of the isle. She then returns to paying attention to her kids. I stand a little baffled for a minute. Really lady. You aren't even going to move? Classy move... classy.

Eventually I turn sit down in her seat because she is obviously not getting up. I mean, I didn't want to sit next to her kids but honestly she didn't even ask if we could switch seats. I almost smacked this lady upside the head. What kind of parents did you have growing up!? T

Turns out the lady and the man next to me were her parents. I spent the entire trip passing food between them and their daughter and getting up every 10 minutes to let them use the restroom. Their bladders must be the size of my pinky nail! In 3.5 hour flight I got up 15 times.

Not to mention the fact that I was 2 seconds away from opening the exit door and throwing this lady's crying screaming kids out of that aircraft. I can guarantee that entire flight would have applauded me in this.

I fear for the way those kids are going to grow up.

Lessons of the day: If your husband gets wacked make sure you aren't home because they will automatically blame you. Also, please refrain from procreating if you are a horrible person with no manners. The world would appreciate it.

Now... on to another 3 flights. No telling what is going to happen in the wonderful world of airplanes next!

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