"I Live to think for myself. I refuse to be a mindless sheep following the crowd into cookie-cutter oblivion. Otherwise I'd just be a zombie with no heart or passion in life" - Hervey Taylor IV

The Towing of Coup

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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Yesterday, I had my car towed. Towed away to a land filled with other misfit cars. At least my car wasn't lonely. But I can only imagine how scared Coup was. That's my car's name... Coup. He looks like a Coup. He'd be very embarrassed if I put a picture of him up though, due to the fact that he is indeed fading... and broken. He asked me to keep his anonymity while writing this blog.

The only thing good about Coup being towed was he wasn't stolen! I thought he was stolen. I freaked out. I almost cried. I couldn't breathe. And what was I thinking about if my car had been stolen... how ALL of my notes were in my backpack in his trunk and finals are next week. Next thought, my Jennifer Lopez coat was in there too. The second part almost made me crawl up on the ground and cry. Don't tell Coup I was less worried about his safety. He will be heart broken!

In my maniacal freaking out, my friend had the good sense to call her management company (I was parked at her apartment) to see if they knew anything. Turns out... they had Coup towed!! I have been parking at her apartment for years. YEARS! Where do they want me to park when I am visiting her? There is virtually no other parking for blocks and there is no street parking. I guess from now on I will have to take my magical carpet and fly in to visit her. What the heck is this?

Apparently, there is a sign that says you can't park there during school hours because they don't want students who are going to campus to park there and not on campus. I am not one of these delinquent kids who evades the parking system by stealing parking from honest apartment owners. No. I only park there when I visit her. And on this particular day, I was visiting in a time of turmoil and was being a good friend. What do I get for being a good friend!? Coup gets towed. Not that I would not have visited her either way. Of course I would console her in her time of need. She is my awkward best friend that I have known since freshman year when I yelled at her for not speaking. I will have to tell you about the story of how we met. It really is quite fascinating that we are friends. But we are. And I heart her.

Ok out of the mushy friend business and back into the reason for this blog... the towing of my vehicle. So here I am at 4 pm... mind you the towing company closes at 5 pm. So the apartment management says they had my car towed. So I call the towing company... they tell me that it is going to cost $250 to get Coup back... and they only take cash. OK! Because obviously I just have hundreds of dollars just floating around my wallet. Let me just whip out those bills for you. Get freakin real. I am poor and I hate carrying cash. And I am flustered. Can you even imagine the embarrassment Coup must have felt as he was shamefully attached to another truck and brutally kidnapped... hauled through town... and locked away.

And, Coup probably isn't even worth the 250 buckaroos I am shelling out to release him from car jail. I am not even kidding you. He is a 10 year old pile of faded blue paint and broken insides. He gets horrible mileage and doesn't even offer cooling on those hot summer days. Additionally, he always gets hit or dented or people break into him. It's probably because he looks like a cholo gangster should be driving him and bumping the bass. You know what I am talking about. One of those super low cars playing their music so loud that it shakes all the other cars next to it. While the driver has his window down and one heavily tattooed arm hanging precariously out of the window. Yeah, that's what Coup reminds people of. Once again please refrain from telling Coup this. I'm pretty sure I would wake up tomorrow morning to find that he had ran away to a place where people appreciated him... probably a scrap yard. But in loyalty... and more for the fact that I have to get around... I paid the $250 dollars to get him back.

So now we have to trek it to the bank and head to the towing company... literally in the middle of freaking nowhere. Finally, we get there with the much needed help of Google Maps. As I hand over my wad of 20 dollar bills, the guy has to get change out form his own wallet. First off, what kind of legit company doesn't take credit. Also what kind of legit company doesn't take credit when they require so much money from you. Conclusion... the management at my friend's apartment hired a very sketchy, not even close to legit towing company that is currently stealing my money and there is nothing I can do about it!!

Then, he tells a younger guy to go fetch my car. I say I have my keys. The owner of the towing company looks at me as if he has never heard such words spoken in his presence before. "You have your keys!!??" Uhh... duh! It's my car! How in the world did you think I was going to pick it up and drive it home. What? Was I going to push it the 15 miles back to my house by hand. Are you dumb? Because I am thinking you are dumb sir. I am also thinking this doesn't lend well to your credibility as a legit service to the people of this city.

So, after much turmoil and a heavy hit to my wallet, Coup is back in my presence. He's slightly shaken and is currently upset with me that I would let such a horrible thing happen to him. I think he deserves a nice run through the car wash soon! That'll make him happy.

The Awesome Idea Factory

Monday, November 28, 2011

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Today, I started the last week of classes for this semester. I know, I could almost die with the excitement I am feeling about this! Notice the word "almost." I could almost die with excitement... if it weren't for the week of finals starting one week from today. I could almost die with excitement... if it weren't for my teachers having cumulative finals. I could almost die with excitement... if you didn't give me an entire week off and then expect me to come back with some magical burst of enthusiasm for just two weeks. See, it's a pretty darn big ALMOST. I guess I have to wait exactly 10 days for the real excitement to kick in.

I think the key to cutting out the almost would be ending school before Thanksgiving break. Sound like a good idea to you? Because it sounds like an EXCELLENT idea for me. I would much rather start school two whole weeks earlier if it meant that I got off from Thanksgiving to January. That would just be beyond spectacular. I know, I am lucky with the 6 week break that NMSU is already giving us but 8 just sounds like a better number.

It turns out... 8 IS a better number and let me tell you why. Apparently, the Chinese consider 8 a lucky number because it sounds like the word prosper in the Chinese language. Additionally, numerologists believe that the number 8 stands for business, success, and wealth. I don't know about you guys, but most of us college students tend to actually go to college because we want to get a good job, be successful, and make money. 8 also represents a type of momentum that comes from repetition of cycles. Isn't that what every semester is... repetition... over and over and over? A never ending cycle! I think I am making an excellent case as to why we should have an 8 week break. Really, I think I just solved all of the world's problems by simply evoking the enchanting powers of the number 8. Then we could stop all this Occupy nonsense and actually boost the economy (business), get more kids to graduate and actually get employed (successful), while all the while making money for ourselves and the economy (wealth). Just cut out this 2 week stretch and give our growing college student minds a chance to breathe a little. Uhh... does anybody else think this is the best idea ever? People should really pay me to come up with these brilliant ideas.

Unfortunately, I have not received a call about employment opportunities at the Awesome Idea factory... even though I'm at least a 51% share holder. So for now, I will hopelessly stare at the phone awaiting the call.

All the while... I will be destroying 85 trees. I did the math. It's at least 85. With all the notes, books, tests, and other paper material I print out on a daily basis, I am destroying trees. Lots and lots and lots of trees. Even though I can recycle this... recycling paper can only be done 3 times before the paper fragments shorten too much to be used again. So great. I am a mass tree killer. I feel so good about myself.

Just today I bought 500 note cards. 500!! I am not a person to study for tests on note cards... I just never really have done it before. But while in class, I somehow got the idea that since I have so many cumulative tests this year I should make note cards. Note cards were never really necessary because most of my teachers were kind, generous and smart and said that our final was only over the last section of notes taken after the previous tests. This year, my teachers are cold and conniving and all decided to meet up at their secret teacher convention that must have come to town. Turns out, the topic this year was cumulative test taking! I can only imagine what the key note speaker must have said.

"It's only 25 chapters PER class... and they only have FIVE finals in a row to take. That's only a total of 125 chapters at oh lets estimate only 3000 pages of material. That's nothing!!"

This was obviously received with thousands of screaming cheers from faculty all across the world... and thus it was decided that cumulative test taking was in this year.

I usually get away with only 1 or 2 cumulative finals but not this year. I bless the two teachers that decided to not have a final at all. Because I really couldn't take another several hundred pages of material to shove in my brain. It's already eroding at a rapid pace. I found myself sitting in evolution today talking about primates and how humans evolved and our brain size and next thing I know I was thinking about the brain I dissected in zoology. Which led to lack of brain in the sheep I judge/clean/work with. Which then led me to that persuasive speech I gave in seminar. Which made me think about how I only have 1 day left in communications which made me giddy and I started giggling and the evolution teacher scowled at me. See... it's already affecting my mental state. Giggling in the middle of an evolution lecture when the rest of the class is silent and you are staring off into nothing... makes you look a little bit like a crazy delusional mad hatter.

Therefore, this all led to the conclusion of making note cards... of which I have already reached close to 200 and I am only on one class. I am going to need to make another stop at the store this week. I probably have been avoiding this note card taking to ultimately avoid the many many trees I am inevitably killing...

And to think, had we only had off right after Thanksgiving, the teachers would have been happy and would have not felt the need to attend the crazy teacher convention. They then would have only had finals from the last section of course work and I would not be killing 85 trees.

All of this from my conclusions on the number 8. I know... awesome.

You are welcome.

Shopping Remorse

Sunday, November 27, 2011

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I have a shopping problem. It's really more like I am a bi-polar shopper. This is because I LOVE to get new things but I HATE spending money. I am one of those people I would rather spend money on a good restaurant, a play, a vacation, or a show.

I love clothes... but I hate buying them and I am very frugal with my money... but not all the time. There are those few moments in a year when I just have to buy things. It's like I can't help myself. One of these days is Black Friday. I really don't need anything and this is what I told myself when I set out to go shopping with my mom on Black Friday. This used to be a big thing in our family. My sister, my mom, (sometimes my grandma and aunt if they were in town) would wake up at 3 in the morning and head to El Paso to go to Kohl's. Then we would get a Starbucks and a Burger King Breakfast, maybe go to the outlet mall and then make the 45 minute trip back to Las Cruces. Once we got older we extended the shopping enough to so we could go have lunch at PF Chang's because we don't have one in LC and it is so deliciously amazing.

However, the last couple of years I opted out of the early morning shopping because quite frankly I valued my sleep way more then I will ever value a new computer, new shoes, or a new shirt. Sleep is very important to me. I can run on little sleep and I have done this for months at a time but if I can avoid it, I would like to. I can sleep any time, any where, and in any amounts of sunlight... though I much prefer a very dark cave like atmosphere which is why I have black curtains in my room and hardly ever open the blinds. So you can see, shopping is just not as high up on my list as sleeping. As a matter of fact I sleep so much that when I was little, I fell asleep at a wedding and my parents didn't want to leave so they put me on my Dad's jacket and shoved me under the present table where I slept, without waking, for the entire wedding. Awesome. I have also been known to reflexively take swings at my roommates when they would wake me up so they had to take to throwing pillows at me instead. But I think you get the picture. Shopping = stealing sleep... therefore I hate shopping.

Since my sister is gone to Pennsylvania, my mom was going to go shopping by herself... which I could just not allow. So we woke up when we woke up which for me is never much later than 8 and had our coffee and strolled out the door at a comfortable 10 am instead of the usual 3 am. This kind of shopping I could get used to.

As I mentioned above, I told myself I didn't really need anything. So how is it that I left Kohl's that morning spending ungodly amounts of money on 3 shirts, 1 jacket, earrings, a necklace, throw pillows... yes. throw pillows. a cupcake maker and a recipe book (an Xmas gift I bought myself from my sister). Three huge scarves. A big thing of 40 different shades of eye shadow.

Thank you Zoo York

A beautiful white watch that I am determined to wear. I am notorious for getting watches... wearing them for a couple weeks and never touching them again. But this one is amazing. It is digital AND analog. It's also a men's watch because lets face it, women's watches are ugly. I don't want diamonds or jewels or tiny little bands that look all dainty. Get real. I like something with substance. Something that I don't need to squint my eyes to see. Something that also tells me the date in big bold letters since I often have to ask multiple times a day. A women's watch just cannot do this. And if it does, it's purple or pink or something horrible.

I got to say I love Jennifer Lopez's new line at Kohl's. I also have her coat from there. Too bad it never gets cold enough here to wear it.

I also scored a black J-Lo clutch/wallet/small purse, sunglasses and some other little things. But even on this shopping spree... I'm pretty frugal. I pretty much refuse to spend over $25 on any clothing item EVER unless it is a jacket or a purse. Anything else I will most definitely pass it by until it goes on sale or I just live without it.

But lets truly think about this. Do I need 40 different shades of eye shadow... No. Do I really need another necklace or more earrings... No. I don't actually need any of this. But it is all so pretty! And any other time of the year I would get home feeling intense buyers remorse because that is just the kind of person I am. But good deals on Black Friday make me feel not so bad.

This would have been enough. But we proceed to go to the Helen of Troy Outlet where I was simply going to buy a hair dryer because mine is about to explode and often sucks my hair in the back and lights it on fire. Seeing as how a burning head of hair is not really a good thing, I rationalized my need to buy a hair dryer. But do you really think I left with just a hair dryer? Absolutely not. It started off with a gift set on sale with some brushes and a curling iron (also something I need). Then I saw a packaged set of a Revlon hairdryer WITH a flat iron AND another curling iron. I mean, can you honestly pass that up!? No, I think not.  But that isn't all. I had to buy the world's smallest flat iron I have ever seen. But to get that you had to buy all the other stuff that came with it. But it is the coolest flat iron ever. It is barely just bigger than my hand.

After also scooping up some OXO kitchen utensils we decided we were good and checked out where... ironically... we got a free hairdryer. The only thing I came in to buy... and they hand me a second one free. What the heck? I just spent all this money and now I have TWO hair dryers TWO flat irons and TWO curling irons. What am I supposed to do with all of this stuff? Looks like somebody is getting a hair dryer for Xmas. Speaking of... I just noticed I did not get a single thing for anybody else for Christmas. I am such a horrible shopper.

But here I am two days after Black Friday returning to my old ways of not spending money on certain items. My mom just showed me a picture of a digital camera. Something that I have been needing for a very long time because I have had mine since 2004. It's a beast. It also takes horrible pictures. But she came in excited about a camera that maybe she can buy me and it is on sale for $225... absolutely not mother. I am not letting anybody buy me a $225 camera. Get real. Do you know how many other things I can buy with that money. A lot. Even $125 is pretty steep for me.

Thus the bi-polar money spending ways continues from one big sale to the next. And I just spent all my money on this stuff and grad applications and I am not quite sure how I am going to manage to buy all the gifts I need for people for Xmas.

Attack of the Bubble Gum Fairy

Friday, November 18, 2011

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This is a story of how I met this girl in class. I didn't so much as meet her as I did observe her... and I didn't really observe her on purpose. More like she was screaming at me without ever actually opening her mouth and you can't just ignore a person who is screaming at you like that. Do you understand how big of a feat that is... screaming with your mouth shut!? It's quite impressive actually.

So there I was, sitting in class listening to a guest lecturer. We were about 15 minutes in when in strolls this girl. And though I fully believe in the invisible seating charts, when you have a class of 300 students the seating chart goes out the window and you have seating chaos. It's like anarchy. I don't think I have ever sat in the same seat twice... ever.

Once again... in comes this girl and there is an available seat next to me. There are also several other available seats that are more highly attainable but nope she goes for the one next to me. I am sitting smack in the center of this gigantic lecture hall. Therefore, in order for her to make it to me she passes three open seats and crawls over like 10 kids laps to get there. This causes a large amount of confusion and noise and staring from the class.

Now, let me explain this girl to you. She's petite and cute and blond and... pink. Now, I don't have anything against the color pink. As a matter of fact, I actually like the color pink... but if you were to spread the amount of pink she had on over 10 people, each of those 10 people would still be wearing too much pink! She had pink eye shadow, pink nails, pink shirt, pink shoe laces, a pink backpack, and a pink ribbon in her hair. You would think it was October and we were in the middle of the Pink Game... but in case you haven't caught up it's November.

She kind of looked like this

So now I don't even know what we are talking about in class... something about politics and communication and some kind of theory and we are all conformers. Let me tell you... this girl is not a conformer in the least. And yeah maybe I am not the best judge of character because here I am sitting in black jeans, dark gray knee high boots, a white tank with a black flowing sweater thing, large black earrings, a black ring, and a necklace with artsy keys dangling from it. Obviously not the day I decide to express the full range of the color wheel... apparently neither did this girl.

I try my hardest to get back to the lecture and continue taking notes when this girl pulls out her laptop to take notes on... a PINK laptop with a PINK toolbar and a PINK background. It's like somebody popped a gigantic bubble of bubble gum all over her or she decided to take a bath in Pepto-Bismol this morning. This is when I start to look around... does anybody else see this girl? Really, I must be imagining this. I had to resist the urge to touch her to see if she was real. It was like the Bubble Gum Barbie was visiting me in the middle of communications. Maybe she had some secret message to tell me. Maybe this was all a test. Or maybe she is like my own personal Fairy God Mother and is here to grant my wishes so I can get to the ball on time. I don't know, but it's all so surreal.

Finally, I make myself get back to the class where we are talking about the spiral theory or something of the sort. And the guest lecturer notices we are all furiously writing as fast as we can. He stops to tell us that these notes will be made available to us online this weekend so we can use them to study. I still manage to get almost everything on all the slides but the Bubble Gum Barbie next to me cannot seem to type as fast as I can write... which is odd because I generally type 10X faster. But every time the lecturer goes to the next slide she makes this loud exasperated sigh. Like she is going to fail the class if she didn't get that last line of notes... which will be online.

This is when I silently chastise myself. "Kaitlyn, you are sooooo mean! You are judging your secret Fairy God Mother/Bubble Gum Barbie. Do you really think she is going to grant you any wishes? Obviously she has the ability to read your thoughts because it comes with the job description. Stop it right now Kaitlyn!"

So in a rush to make up for this I nudge her a little and face my notebook towards her so she can catch up on the notes. I continue this all throughout class. Then, when we are just wrapping up class she reaches into her pink magical back pack and pulls out two Dum Dums... pink cotton candy flavored of course and hands them to me. Next thing I know the lecturer calls the class and a rush of 300 students get up to leave and just like that I have lost her. Swept away in the crowd never to be seen from again.

Best Bubble Gum Fairy ever? I think so.

The Fear of Cotton Balls

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

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Several people have told me that I need to speak out about my irrational fear of cotton balls, polar fleece... and anything fluffy and fuzzy.

There is an actual name for this fear. One is called textophobia which is the fear of certain fabrics. There is a cooler name too but I can't find it! So I may have made it up at one point in time. I think it started with an "H."
This fear started long ago as early as infancy. Apparently, I did not like to be put in those cute children pajamas because of all the fluffyness going on. In my head, I picture me as a little baby sitting there and freaking out and crying and just generally hating life. I kind of imagine myself to look like that kid over there. -->

People don't understand this fear. It's normal to not understand things you can't fully feel. But let me tell you. Cotton balls/polar fleece are the scariest things I have ever encountered. You can literally hear the fabric rubbing against each other. It's so horrible. It sounds like nails on a chalk board magnified 800 times directly in my ear drum.

This irrational fear led to my sister rubbing her hands on the top of the car roof. I think this made my ears bleed sometimes. And my roommate chasing me with her blanket around the house until I finally locked myself in my room because she wouldn't stop. This was her tool for when she was mad at me... or bored. Because apparently I am very entertaining when I get like this. One day she caught me under the blanket while I was on the couch. I was paralyzed! It was the worst feeling you could possibly imagine. I'm pretty sure I would rather walk barefoot over broken glass than have somebody put a polar fleece jacket on me. Not okay.

So growing up I could never wear all those fuzzy amazing things that people like to start wearing when it gets cold out.

 But the most tragic thing that this phobia has caused is not being able to wear this... 

Which really makes me a sad person because could you imagine how warm this would be when you went camping!? Except, as it has been pointed out to me you could get shot because somebody mistook you for a bear. But if you just lay on the ground and don't run around growling all crazy like I feel this would be ok.

This is enough for me to start considering getting over this fear... and then I see a cotton ball and once again I am instantly petrified. If not even an amazingly awesome bear sleeping bag could get rid of this fear, I am pretty sure nothing can. I am doomed to forever walk in this world in a state of constant cold because I won't put on a damn fluffy jacket!

I'm Too Old To Adapt

Monday, November 7, 2011

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I have this class called livestock judging. We literally stand outside and judge sheep, hogs, and cattle. Then, we stand in a very cold freezer while we judge their carcasses for yield and quality grades. I am not so excellent at this class. When I look at an animal, I don't see its structure or reproductive capacity. I see how much bacon you can get... or a nice rack of lamb and especially a juicy delicious steak. Sorry if you're a vegetarian but that isn't how I roll. What can I say? I love meat.

Anyway ,on this particular Thursday afternoon we were set to judge calves but the freshies of animal science 100 overran us. This left us inside watching live cattle auctions online. Yep... they actually have live cattle auctions everyday all across the US. It's kind of like Ebay. Except instead of your favorite movie, cheap antique, or other random trinkets you get a semi full of cows.

Surprisingly, live cattle auctions are incredibly stimulating! This is because they are so boring that you are forced to get your brain juices flowing in the hopes of not having your brain atrophy. Which if you ever go on and watch a cattle auction, you will know that this is a very realistic possibility.

This need for brain activity led my friend and I to a conversation about how the world population reached 7 billion. I mean really 7 billion? I think we can lay off the procreating for a while because we are covered. Which is why I don't plan on adding to the world's overpopulation by producing spawn of my own. No thank you. Besides, I am not exactly mothering material seeing as how I have a strong dislike for crying, screaming, pooping, money sucking machines... a story for another day folks.

Anyway, along with population increase we have also been continually increasing life expectancy. My friend said it is a very real possibility that he could live to 120 years. I said if I ever make it to 95 just take me outback and shoot me because that is quite long enough... or maybe 110 because then I can make it to 3000 which would be kind of sweet.

But can you imagine the things we will see in the next 70-100 years. With technology on the rise and money/resources on the fall we will either see amazingly spectacular wonders... or the death of the world. I see either has highly viable scenarios.

This led to the change in conversations. Remember when we used to hear from your grandparents "I remember when I walked up hill 4 miles in a snow storm with no shoes... both ways!" Actually I never heard this from my grandparents. I feel like I got jipped.  

I think if you give it a couple years you can probably be saying the same snowy filled memories seeing as how global warming is increasing which will ultimately lead to an increase in cold... ergo ice age 2! I think our personal conversations will look more like this (cue old grandma/grandpa voice mixed with a little hick and a lot of sage wisdom. Also picture little old lady with a cane and white hair and glasses sitting in her rocking chair... in her igloo): 
"I remember when I used to walk from my car to the building... can you even imagine how long of a walk that was! And it was so hot outside. I felt like I was going to melt into a pool of liquid right there. And it was so hot my shoes melted right there to the pavement. Right there! I didn't make it to work that day. I had to wait ten minutes before somebody came to help me. But those were the good ol' days... I'd take the heat over this ice age any day. I'm sick of ice fishing"

"But grandma haven't you adapted to this harsh cold weather yet?"

"I'm 120 years old, child! I'm too old to adapt!"

And therefore our entire 1.5 hours of livestock judging was spent making ridiculous conversations in fake old people accents. It's amazing the ways you entertain yourself when put in the situation of cattle auctions. 

sen-ior-i-tis (n)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

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It is official. At first I was just experiencing mild symptoms and I really didn't think much of it. I figured this too will end up passing and I will feel normal again. However,  this wasn't the case. The symptoms just kept getting worse and worse. I started feeling light headed and was in a constant haze of sleepiness. Then the headaches set in. Mood swings ensued and last but not least a general feeling of apathy settled over me. That's when I knew. The disease was upon me and there is only one cure... graduation. I suppose senioritis hits everyone at some point in time. I was really hoping it wouldn't come until May 11... seeing as how graduation is May 12.

But here I am. Currently at school waiting for evolution to start. Don't worry, I got here early and my proper seat has been secured. (If you don't know what I am talking about check it out here). It is good to know my competitive nature is still alive and kickin. I am positive that is a skill any employer wants to see on a resume: Excellent seat acquirer... she doesn't let anybody take her seat! With that one skill alone think of all the job offers I am going to have rolling in... I actually couldn't think of any really cool jobs where I could just sit all day so I googled it. And all I found was how sitting all day is slowly killing you. So I guess we can mark that one off of my list!
Now I only have until May. That is 7 months until I am FREE! And hopefully have a secure seat at a graduate school not located in the vicinity of New Mexico. But until then... I come to school. Sit through my classes. Go to work. Do applications... a never ending pile of applications. Then I get home where I know I need to study for that test/speech/paper/homework assignment that is due soon. But all I see is my super comfy sofa and oh look! Gossip girl recorded!! I will just do my stuff after this one episode. No biggie. Wait I have a Grey's Anatomy and a Just Desserts AND The Mentalist on my DVR?  Why is school work getting in the way of my lazy time?

My will power used to be so strong. But now all I see is the twinkling tv and a pillow and the change is instant. I go from productive college student to sloth from the time it takes to poor a glass of wine and settle in on the couch. Which I have perfected so it really only takes about 30 seconds.

But in reality I am quite productive. I get all my stuff done... maybe not up to the excellent bar that I usually set for myself but nonetheless it gets done. But I don't know how much longer I can take this. 7 months is forever in a 21 year old's life. I need some serious help if I am going to make it through with my sanity.

Oh got to go. The kid who has been taking my seat walked in and gave me the angry eyes. I win sir. I win....

So now it is the day after yesterday. Which is today. And I got too slothish to actually click the little button that says publish so you can see this blog.

That's me... fighting senioritis one day at a time. I'm currently losing.
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