"I Live to think for myself. I refuse to be a mindless sheep following the crowd into cookie-cutter oblivion. Otherwise I'd just be a zombie with no heart or passion in life" - Hervey Taylor IV

About Me

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Hi! This is a blog about my life. Except, my life is weird. I've accepted it. You should too. It helps with the fact that my blog has no logical explanation for its flow of events.

I grew up in southern New Mexico and have spent my whole life there except for 2 amazing summers I spent living in Boston working at Boston University. A year ago I moved to Ann Arbor to attend the University of Michigan to get my PhD in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology.

Obviously, I love science and I'm kind of a nerd/geek but in the most awesome of ways. Science is one of my passions and I generally love being in the lab. There are days with long hours and frustrating results and it is a challenge... but it is also very rewarding. 

I didn't always want to be in research. I started off wanting to be a large animal veterinarian, specifically focusing on equine medicine. On the way to achieving that, I met some amazing, brilliant, horrible, fun, dull, stupid, optimistic, grumpy, and nice people all of which led me down the path I am now on.

So... here is everything random about my life. The ups, the downs, the steady moments, and mostly those funny, random, awkward events that make life memorable.

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