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The Magical Powers of 10

Sunday, October 2, 2011

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My name is Kaitlyn Norman and I am a caffeine addict. It's actually gotten pretty bad in the past couple of years. I have a coffee or a diet coke every single day and most days I have both. My first recollection of drinking a diet coke was in middle school. I may have even started as early as elementary school but the addiction didn't reach full blown proportions until high school. It was all down hill from there. I have become powerless to the pulls of caffeine. I don't function properly without it and I even dream about it.

The soda industries just make it so hard. The cold silvery cans dripping with condensation just look so mouth watering! And now they even come in a variety of delicious flavors:
The tantalizingly sour diet coke with lemon... sadly discontinued in the USA in 2005

The very fruity diet cherry coke

If you're cool enough to live in Belgium, France, Luxembourg,  Bosnia or Herzegovina you can party it up with Coca Cola Light Sango

The pretty much exactly the same as lemon diet coke with a touch of lime added to it and only found in Bosnia, Herzegovina and the UK
The short lived diet raspberry coke (2005-2006) 

The refreshing diet coke with lime

The classic diet vanilla coke (discontinued 2005)

Bringing back that classic vanilla taste with a kick of black cherry!

With all of these amazing flavors and options. Do you really not want to be an addict? Because right now that isn't even an option for me. Not drinking diet coke sounds like the worst decision ever and complete blasphemy. No thank you. I am very comfortable in my addiction and will not be joining a 12 step program anytime soon.

If diet coke isn't your can of soda, you can always get your caffeine fix somewhere else. Which is where I actually wanted to start with this blog. Then I got completely sidetracked in visions of shiny cans filled with delicious aspartame! As a matter of fact I just got one from the fridge and almost had a melt down because there are only two left. That's only going to get me through about 5 more hours.

Once again, back to where this blog was supposed to fall: Dr. Pepper. I feel like Dr. Pepper is 23 mixed up flavors attempting to reach the high level of tasty splendedness of Diet Coke. Though, in it's own right is is definitely unique. I don't do a lot of Dr. Pepper drinking but I enjoy it in the rare occasions when I have them. I, of course, only drink Diet Dr. Pepper which is in fact a watered down slightly less tasty version of the real thing. They haven't gotten the diet part down right quite yet.

But now, low and behold, Dr. Pepper claims to have fixed their long time diet problem! They have launched a new Dr. Pepper line... not completely diet but 10 small tiny tasty calories. Really Dr. P? You couldn't go that extra little step and just knock out the last 10 remaining calories. Apparently these 10 calories hold the entire 23 flavors of Dr. Pepper. They are that magical. They are so mythically powerful that only men can drink them. No... I'm not kidding. Their entire campaign is targeted to the testosterone filled species of men. Maybe men have the mysterious ability to convert those 10 calories to the 23 flavors. The ability that us women are just not complex enough to have evolved yet.

In that case Dr. Pepper 10, you can keep your ten calories. I'll stick with my 0 calories while I hone in on my ability to blog, do homework, watch football, listen to music and drink my diet coke. Maybe you can add the oh so coveted multi-tasking potion to your next batch of manly brew.

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