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I Love Airplanes...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

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... I really do. I enjoy flying and looking at the world. I love airports. I like seeing how they are all different and what happens in each one and how big they are. So naturally I really enjoy days when I am travelling. As long as...

I am not stuck in a layover for 6 hours. Miss a connection. Almost get hit by a tornado... twice. Have to fly around in circles in the air for 3 extra hours because there is a storm below us and we can't land. Storms causing me to be stuck in a city for 2 extra days with no extra clothes. Flights getting delayed until 1 in the morning. My suitcases being lost.

As long as all of those things don't happen (which they all have for me at some point in time), I LOVE traveling. It is a time where I don't have to think about school, work or responsibilities or life. I get to sit and listen to music, read my kindle, and sleep. It really is quite amazing. I cherish these "quiet" times in airports and on planes.

Then something horrible happens. People.

People have this amazing ability to ruin my life. It happens way too often for comfort.

I do not want to talk to you. I do not want to hear about your five children and how you are going to Las Cruces for an interview (I will, however, tell you that you should reconsider and find a better place to live). I do not care about your daughter's boyfriend who cheated on her with this floozy and you can't believe your daughter is still with him. No... I do not care. I am not exactly sure how I always give this impression that I care. I am so sorry for deceiving you but the truth is that I don't.

I do not want to flirt with you strange guy in seat 32A. And nope, I sure am not going to give you my phone number... or my e-mail... or my facebook page... or my last name. Nope. Not happening. Oh you want to know what I am doing? I am currently putting my ear phones in as to not listen to you. Oh...you're still talking...? I'm closing my eyes now to take a nap. It wasn't nice chatting with you and I would like to sleep. Oh... you just got louder. I'll turn up my earphones. OH NO! My earphones are on full blast and I can still here you. Dear God. Help.

Uhh hi old lady staring at me. Yes, I will be here for a while because the plane is boarding... and I have to get on a 3 hour flight. Not sure where I could go right now? Oh... you want me to watch your bag while you go to the bathroom. I suppose I could do that. It's been 25 minutes? Where is this lady!? Is there like a bomb in this bag and I am getting saddled with it. Is this some crazy terrorist attack and I am harboring the bag. Please come back lady and pick up your bag. I spot her! Yes, lady. Please take your stuff. You're going to buy a coffee... what the eff?! I am getting on the plane now. Sorry lady.

Hello sir. I am tired and have had a long day of travelling but other than all these annoying people I am doing good. Excited to read my book on this flight. You're a car dealer... Awesome. Nope sure don't need a car. Well, I do because my piece of ghetto junk doesn't have an air conditioner, the gas gauge doesn't work, it's missing a light cover, a coke exploded in it so the ceiling is dotted with soda spots that I can't get out, and the paint is fading bad. But please don't try to sell me a car. I am a poor college student... are you flirting with me? This is creepy. You're like 35... and judging by that ring on the finger pretty darn married. I'm facing the window now. Good luck with life.

Yes mam. I do like to read. Which is why I have my kindle out... because I like to read. I would actually enjoy reading now. You've read this book? That's cool. I like it so far. Oh... she doesn't end up with this guy in then end because he turns crazy and tries to kill her. Turns out he was the murderer the whole time!? Well... guess I don't need to read anymore. Thanks so much for telling me the ending. That's exactly what I wanted.

Dear lord person in 19C. Control that kid. He's screaming... for 2 hours now. Wait... is that a boy? Or a girl baby? I can't tell. Regardless leash that kid up and put a muzzle on it because I am about to flip out! This is not a zoo. This is a plane.

FINALLY! Made it to El Paso. Now just have to drive 45 minutes back to Cruces and I can sleep in my bed in peace and quiet with nobody annoying me. Just have to wait for this shuttle to take me back to long term parking. Sweet it's here. Oh guy on the shuttle you don't remember where you parked your car. I am sorry. That sucks. I parked in section 5. Oh... we're going to make the driver drive around till you see your car. Can you drop me off first? No? Ok thanks for that. Finally your car! Sweet. Thank you so much driver for taking me to my car. Only took 30 minutes. It's cool. Wait... why is there another shuttle parked in front of my car. I am trapped. Where is the driver?! I'm never going to make it home... Who the heck parks a shuttle in a parking lot in front of cars? I feel like this isn't the smartest move. I'm just going to walk around a dark creepy parking lot at 9 at night by myself. Alone. In the dark. Because that is super safe. YES! Sir, you are the driver right... not some creepy serial killer. Sweet! Can you move your shuttle so I can go home. Please. Thank you so much!

Yes... I love travelling.

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