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Lost in Communication

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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I love Happy Bunny :)

Sometimes it astounds me the classes that are offered on a university campus. It starts to annoy me when I am required to PAY to take these dumb classes in order to get my degree. A prime class that falls into the category of pointlessness is communications.

Now, don't get me wrong. Being able to communicate is essential in anything you do in your life. And you would be wise to learn that now and just get used to it. I'm not even saying that I am the best communicator. I get nervous when I have to go give a speech but you suck it up and you just do it. And my mother is quick to point out that I write how I talk... my solution to that is editors, hello!

I understand there are people that literally have fear pulsing through their veins when they get in front of a group of people. To these people I say breathe and practice but I am sorry you will not gain anything from communications class.

Maybe this strong dislike stems from the fact that I put this class off until I was a senior in college when I should have taken it as a freshman. So maybe I have just had 4 more years of maturing over the youngins that dominate the class. I really don't know. But what I do know is that I am not 8 years old. I also know that NONE of my fellow classmates are 8 years old. So why do my teachers feel the need to treat us like we are?

Seriously the other day in class I had to repeat the instructions for the paper we are writing. Literally. After the teacher said we had to write it in 12pt Times New Roman font we had to say "12pt Times New Roman font" back to her. When we didn't do this the first time because we were too busy looking at her like she was a complete idiot, she stood there and then got very upset with us and wouldn't move on until we answered. Really... I feel like this is completely uncalled for. I think she saw that we obviously thought she wasn't the brightest light in the chandelier because she said her reasoning was that we didn't all follow the instructions last time.

This is not a valid excuse for acting like we are in second grade. No. For those people that can't understand instructions they should 1) Ask and if they still don't get it 2) Probably reconsider the whole college thing. So yes, I don't appreciate feeling like I am a complete idiot every time I step inside that class room. I also don't appreciate slide show presentations that have loud noises and things flying in from every direction. I think you learn not to do that in PowerPoint 101.

All I am saying is that if you can't communicate efficiently and accurately and are blissfully unaware of your audience... please, for the love of my painfully annoyed head and wasted time, do not get a communications degree and do not go into this field. There are thousands of other occupations you can go in to. Communication is not one of them.

Fine Print: This rant may be due to my overstressed life and the cold I am currently nursing. Also the fact that when I get exhausted I get "sassy" (or so I have been told from more than 10 people). This brings me to one of my favorite quotes from my mother who as her second favorite child I am often the object of her "witty" moments.

"I have been told I get sassy when I get tired." - Me
"Then you must have been exhausted your whole life." - Mom

Don't worry Mom, your favorite child  (aka Trish) will be home before you know it. Until then, you're stuck with sassy which by the way means - Lively, bold, and full of spirit. I'm thinking that sounds pretty alright. Even happy bunny agrees! You can't argue with happy bunny.


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