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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

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Right now I am in the process of applying for fellowships and 10... yes TEN graduate programs. I am applying to so many because honestly, I don't know what the future holds for me. I am hoping with everything that is me that I will get into one. That's all I am hoping for... just one.

BUT don't you worry! I have a backup plan. If for some reason I end up failing epically at life and don't get in anywhere, I am moving to Italy! Now now I know what you are thinking: She's crazy! Is she really just going to pack up everything and move to Italy!?

Of course not. That's idiotic. I am going to pack up 1 suitcase and sell everything else and then move to Italy. Duh.

I'm not planning on making my little skip across the pond to Italy permanent. I plan on seeing the rest of Europe as well! I will work my way through the country side at organic farms. Yep, you heard me right organic farming is the new wave of my future.


Yeah I know, sometimes organic farmers can be a little nutty and I have been taught in an industrialized farming way so this could be a little strange. But I think there is something beautiful about traveling through the countryside helping family owned farming companies achieve their sustainable life goals. And hey if it gets me free food and lodging I am totally down.

Families all across Europe offer food and accommodation in exchange for working around their farms. Some are vineyards, some are vegetable farms, some have cows and some have sheeps. I feel like this is right up my alley!

So the plan is to scrap my junk of a ghetto car for as much money as possible. Empty my bank accounts. Learn how to ride a bike (I think this is number 1 on the list of most important things to do before I leave), hop a flight to Italy with 1 suitcase in hand and take it all from there. With a program called WWOOF, you can help out at different farms and if there are openings you can stay at one for several months and then move to another. You usually get 2-3 days off a week and are free to sit in an orchard and read a book, watch the sunrise over the Italian Lakes, or take a walk through the country side.


Lake Maggiore

I know this may start sounding a little bit like Eat, Pray Love/Under the Tuscan Sun but trust me it's not. For one, I am not looking to "find" myself. Two, I do not have the funds to purchase a villa on a whim. So this is simply a girl having a well thought out and not at all crazy back-up plan.

So on the chance I don't make it into grad school I guess it's Italy bound for me. 

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