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Just because I am Happy

Friday, October 14, 2011

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I am in a suprisingly splendid mood today. Maybe its the fact that I have an excellent cup of dark roasted coffee sitting next to me. Or maybe its because I just finished a Zoology practical. Or maybe it is because it is a beautiful Friday afternoon. I'm thinking it is largely influenced by my upcoming trip next weekend to Boston, which is my favorite city in the States. Regardless, I think it is a beautiful day out and I am happy to be a part of it.

Things I plan to do today:
  • Go to communications! I even find myself content with going to this ridiculous class.
  • Do some surgeries! Well, I won't actually be doing surgeries but I will be helping. We are putting cannulas in some sheepies today/tomorrow so that should be stimulating.
  • Going to Evolution - which is usually the second largest downfall of my day but we are past evolution on a large scale and have emerged into molecular evolution. I LOVE molecular evolution.
  • Go home, crack open my micro genetics book and start studying for my upcoming test!
  • Uncork an excellent bottle of wine. Maybe some Girls-are-meaner ;) also known as Gewurztraminer... say it outloud. It really does sound like that. Or some Hatch Green Chili wine. Which combines two of my favorite things: alcohol and green chili! Both excellent. Both from St. Clair's Winery here in NM.
  • Then I think I will make some dinner and watch a movie!
Very casual night of studying and finally taking a breather. I am so excited for this! Then it is up at 7 am for more surgeries. Oh what a fun life I lead. Legit blog coming soon :)

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