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The Top 10 Moments of Spring Semester... Thus Far

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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The beginning of school has been particularly interesting. And by interesting I mean: Absolutely horrible (with few minor exceptions) and I wish to fast forward to May and never think on these past few days again. 

For your information/enjoyment/knowing-that-your-semester-is-probably-way-better-than-mine-and-can-feel-good-knowing-that-somebody-may-just-have-it-worse (Though I know people have it way worse than I do and this doesn't make me in the slightest happy. But hey, whatever floats your canoe) I have made a list of the top 10 moments that have occurred with school starting. Which, I kind of think is a huge feat seeing as how we are only 4 days in to the semester.

1. I had to drop my statistics class. This is a HUGE problem. No statistics = no graduation. Who really wants to graduate anyway? Not me. So why exactly did I have to drop it? In short, because my teacher was an insane crazy person (I realize insane and crazy describe the same thing. But really, she needs both of these adjectives) who has absolutely no respect for the school's scheduling system. She declared that all of her tests were on Thursday nights and not during our scheduled class time of 8:55-10:10 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Well, one of the tests is on a day I am heading to Michigan for an interview. After class, the teacher blatantly told me she didn't care that I had an interview and I would indeed fail her class. I think this is illegal. The ONLY reason I am in college is so I can go to graduate school and now you're telling me that because I am actually striving for that I will fail your class. Which in turn would not cause me to graduate thus meaning no graduate school. Well, you are an awesome teacher. As a matter of fact, your awesomeness was so incredible that I just couldn't handle it and I had to drop the class.

2. Obviously, I had to find another statistics class. I did. The only one available: from 4-6:30 at night on Tuesdays. So now, I leave my house at 6:15 am and don't get home until 6:15 at night which makes for a very exhausting day.

3. My new statistics teacher uses a different book than the old teacher. I already have my book from the old class which I bought from somebody on amazon and cannot return it. So, I had to spend an additional $70 on another statistics book. Both of which cover the exact same things. It's ok. I like to throw away money every chance I get. It's actually a hobby of mine.

4. I received my first rejection letter from a graduate school and felt officially defeated by my last first day of school. I knew they had to come but it doesn't make seeing them any less hard.

5. In my fluster of a horrible first day of school, I thought my new statistics class was on Thursdays and not Tuesdays so I stayed at school till 4 and found out I was indeed wrong and I had just wasted the last 2 hours of my life waiting for class to start. Did I mention I also forgot my wallet AND lunch so after having a 300 calorie smoothie at 6 in the morning I didn't get to eat again until I finally got home at 4:30. Apparently, eating is overrated anyway.

6. Found out one of the universities I applied for grad school to received my GRE scores... then lost them through a computer glitch or whatever. And never reviewed my application. As this was the last thing that happened on my very horrible first day of the semester, I had a complete meltdown in the middle of the dirt parking lot after walking all the way back from my class that was never actually scheduled to be on Thursday. 

5. I had an interview with a professor from Duke which was amazing. His work is exactly the type of science I am looking to get in to. But, I won't hear back from them till March and thus the continuation of the waiting game!

7. My sister's guinea pig, Nutmeg, passed away on Friday morning. Her other guinea pig, Lola, passed away two weeks ago so this was a very hard time for her and my mom. And my dogs who keep going in the pigs' room and crying/sleeping under where their house used to be. It really is quite depressing.

8. WINE CLASS. Spectacular... 7 wines in one night with snacks and actual learning going on. In 14 weeks, I plan to be a wine connoisseur. You can forward me your pressing wine questions then!

9. I got to sleep in on Sunday. It was the absolute best gift somebody could have given me. The first day in about 3-4 weeks that I have slept past 5:30. Granted, I only slept till about 7:15 but it was splendid. And guess what... I get this WHOLE upcoming weekend off.