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The Glamorous Life

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

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I know I know. It's been a while. It's mainly been a while because my life has been utterly boring for the past 1.5 weeks.

I wake up super early. Look in the mirror and think, "What sweatshirt am I wearing today!?" Which really is a big choice especially at 6 in the morning. I think I have about 30. I haven't counted but I know I can go for about 2-3 weeks without ever wearing the same sweatshirt twice.  And don't you dare judge me for wearing sweatshirts to work everyday. It is 6 in the morning and I have to go do manual labor for hours and it is 35 degrees outside. Do you really think I give a flying flip about what I look like? Negative. I don't plan on meeting my future husband at 6 in the morning. And if I do and he cares about what I look like in a barn, full of sheep, in the freezing cold, while shoveling sheep feces at 6 in the morning. To hell with him!!

Have a banana. Go to work to clean/feed the sheepies. Get really smelly like a barn. Drive home. Finally eat legit food since by that time a banana isn't nearly cutting it. Drink approximately 8 gallons of coffee. Think about how I need to take a shower because I smell like a barn. Then realize I need to go to the gym and showering now would be pointless. Realize that I may even be too smelly for the gym because nobody wants to work out next to a girl who smells like sheep so I need to take a shower. But if I take a shower, I am not going to want to go to the gym because I'm all clean and smell like cherry blossoms. Settle on watching last nights shows on the couch where I don't move for the next 5 hours. Hate myself for not going to the gym or taking a shower!!! Parents arrive home and realize how completely unproductive I have been and give me the disapproving look but don't actually say anything. Then my mom notices that I attempted to clean the kitchen/fridge/fold clothes but I got tired midway and stopped. Then I eat dinner, take a shower and go to bed.

I know, I live such a glamorous life! I can see why you have been so disappointed I haven't written about it every day for the past week. Don't worry. I won't ever deprive you of it again.

But it is all over tomorrow. Why? Because tomorrow I go back to school and life is officially ruined for another semester. Luckily, I only have 4 classes. And by lucky I mean I worked my ass off for the past 4.5 years taking 18 credits every semester (the max you can take). Making the Dean's list. Not having much of a social life. Working constantly. Fully engaged in my sorority and Panhellenic officer positions. Volunteering. Not to mention studying and homework. And after all of the random classes I took "just for fun," I only need 10 credits to graduate with all of my degrees: statistics, ecology, and medical microbiology. And just to give me the minimum 12 credits to stay a full-time student I tacked on Wine Testing. Oh yes, we do have a class that actually involves eating cheese and drinking wine. This class was MADE for me. I have never been more excited.

With this new schedule comes very very long Tuesdays and Thursdays. I work/go to class from 6:30-2:35. That's 8 hours with NO breaks. Seriously. Not a single one. I just have 10 minutes between every class to run around campus to get to my next class. But lets be real, I've worked harder and longer days and this I think is going to be a cake walk. A still tiring cake walk but a cake walk none the less. I say this now but it never seems to be the case. Life usually gets in the way of laziness. Knowing this, you can't blame me for using the majority of my break to be as lazy as a person can physically be. It's the only time I will get it until who knows when.

Good thing is my Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are free to get to work early. Work a large chunk of the day and then go to the gym and come home. And since I only get paid for 20 hours a week I am using the rest of the time to enjoy my very last semester as an undergrad.

It is kind of hard to believe it will all be done in just 115 days (including 77 school days and only 42 days where I actually have to attend class). Oh yeah, I'm counting.

May 12, 2011 - Here I come!

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