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Here Be Dragons

Sunday, January 8, 2012

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I should be embarrassed to say what I am about to tell you... but fact is, I just am not. Which in and of it self is a little embarrassing.

Today was a clean my room day. I've been cleaning the whole house lately and not so subtly "forgot" to clean my room. I just don't like cleaning my room. Probably because I have so much crap in it that it really is just more trouble than it is worth. Also, there is something about a little chaos that calms me down. But finally, I decided it is time and I need to clean my room. I also decided that not only am I going to clean my room, I am going to minimalize it!

I don't actually have that much unnecessary stuff. I just have too many clothes/accessories/books/shoes/makeup which take up the majority of my life. The only place where I do have a TON of unnecessary belongings are under my bed. Under my bed = Here Be Dragons and so I leave it alone and do not wish to venture under there for fear that I may never return.

The fact that my room isn't clean is not the embarrassing part, that is still to come. Don't worry.

So here I am, organizing my movies and putting away all of my jewelery in my brand new jewelry closet that I got for Christmas while watching Supernatural. FINALLY done with the third season. Took me long enough to get there! But, I find that while I am watching Supernatural I am not actually doing a whole lot of cleaning. I am getting way too sidetracked so after a long internal battle with myself I decide to turn it off and put something else in that won't distract me too much.

I go through a list of options I have made myself:

Fight Club - One of my favorite movies... not the smartest choice for a happy cleaning environment. Though they do make soap in the movie! That is a plus I guess.

Australia - Love this movie!! But it is long and kind of sad and a little too emotional for my state of mind right now. I need to be cleaning. Not drooling over Hugh Jackman and crying over the poor little boy in the movie.

Matilda - Probably my favorite kids movie. She has powers! What is not to love!? But still doesn't feel right.

Crash - WAY too heartbreaking.

Labyrinth - The best old school horribly made 80s flick featuring David Bowie.

She's The Man - The fact that I can literally quote every single line in this movie makes it hard not to pay attention to.

I go through a ton more including Inception, West Side Story, The Breakfast Club, Mamma Mia, Saw (complete set), and the Lord of the Rings trilogy... but none of these are really doing it for me.

So far, I have spent 30 minutes just trying to find a movie to watch. This is 30 minutes away from cleaning time and I am becoming increasingly frustrated. Then, I see it and I know. I know instantly this is the movie I am going to watch. This is the one movie that I know won't distract me but will keep me entertained while I enter my intense cleaning afternoon. High School Musical.

Hey, don't knock it till you've seen it. For the horrible acting, cheesy music, and dreamy Zac Efron... it aint that bad. Ok, yeah, it is that bad. It's worse than bad. It is down right horrible. Besides, I was in high school when it came out. And no, I didn't buy it for myself. It was a gift!

For a while in high school I was referred to as "High School Musical" not because of my love for this movie but because people said my life resembled it. Not the actual story line. I didn't meet a hot boy at a ski resort for New Years and then move to his school and fall hopelessly in love while entering the school musical while juggling my science club team.

Besides the fact I was indeed in a science club, all resemblances stop there! So why HSM for a nickname? I don't know. I used to be upbeat and peppy and loud I guess. All which have dissolved since then, besides the loudness. I mean, I truly wish people in my life would break out into song and synchronized dancing then go back to life like it was completely normal, but this has yet to happen.

Anyway, I haven't seen this movie since high school and decide today would be the perfect day. After much finagling with my TV, I start the movie and go back to dusting my nightstand and successful cleaning as officially ensued!

This was two hours ago, the dust rag and pledge bottle are sitting neatly on the floor next to my night stand. My jewelery is all tidied up and my movies are nicely sitting in their spot... but my night stand isn't even fully dusted and I can't exactly remember what happened to the last two hours of my life!?

One second I am looking at the clock and it says 2:30. Literally, one second passes and the clock is flashing 4:40 and I am on the other side of my room which looks exactly the same. The only thing different is that the ending credits for HSM are rolling through. I am having strange flashbacks that may or may not involve singing along... it's all still fuzzy. So what happened to that two hours? Your guess is as good as mine.

But I can tell you for a fact that it sure wasn't cleaning.

In order to remind myself of this strange/awkward/uncomfortable/horrible feeling I just recieved from losing almost 2 hours of my life, and in the hopes that I never make the same mistake again, I think I may write a little note on the front of the HSM DVD box - Here Be Dragons.

Now, I have lost all motivation and am officially giving up cleaning for the night. Productivity at its finest.

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amy said...

Australia is my absolute favorite movie!!! Just sayin... :)

Kaitlyn Norman said...

I love Australia too! Such a great movie :)

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