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Baby Face

Monday, January 9, 2012

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Today I woke up and thought... wow, I really don't want to do anything with my life today at all! But sadly, I got out of bed, went to the gym, and decided to get a manicure with my grandma. Who knew today was going to be such an amazing day? Funny how things work out like that sometimes.

So after taking a shower and thoroughly deciding that actually doing my hair would be too much effort I let it curl/crimp/wave into its natural fro self. Deciding it was a little too "Texas Big" pin the front back and am off to go get a manicure.

We arrive at my Grandma's favorite nail salon. My Grandma is getting a pedicure and so they whisk me away to the other side of the room where the manicure stations are. I sit down and am a little awkward. I think in my entire 21 years of living I have had 1 manicure and 1 pedicure. I don't really know how to conduct myself. Do I talk to her? Do I sit here quietly and daydream. I honestly don't know. I think sensing this, my manicurist asks if I had the day off from school. I say no, that we are still on vacation until next week and am just enjoying my time off.

She looks at me a little quizzically but then returns to putting some gooey stuff all over my nails and making them nice and shiny. Off in the distance, I hear my grandma talking to another lady and she is saying how I am her granddaughter and I am graduating this May. I love my Grandma. She is a character but it makes me happy to see how proud she is of me and it makes me feel like maybe I am doing something right with my life.

Then the nice young lady says to my Grandma, "Oh she is graduating!? That is so great. I remember when I graduated high school."

At this, my head flicks up and I almost knock over the soap bowl that is on my manicurist's station. Then these two women begin to chat back and forth in Vietnamese (I think). My manicurist turns back to me and says, "Oh how nice, you're graduating high school!!"

For a second I look a little bewildered and some how manage to stammer that no.... in fact, I am graduating COLLEGE... with 3 degrees I might add and it's taken me 5 years. She kind of laughs a little and goes, "Are you sure? You look like you could be in high school still."

Apparently, this is what a 16 year old looks like :(

Am I sure? You know... I think I am. Unless this is Inception and I am lost in my own mind and have therefore simply dreamed the past 5 years of my life... I'm pretty positive I am not in high school. At this point, I am panicking. I am 21 years old and going off to hopefully start my PhD journey this fall and I look like I'm 16?! Awesome. That is just awesome. If I look 16 now, what in the world did I look like at 16 when I actually graduated high school!? I must have looked 11. Peachy.

Despite my baby face, the manicurists were very nice and I quite enjoy my periwinkle nails. I also enjoyed the lunch I had with my Grandma and Grandpa. I even more enjoyed the fact that I received word about my interview at BU in February. That's 2 interviews so far. I can hardly contain myself!! All this anxiety waiting to hear back from schools is giving me ulcers. And this is just interviews. Not even acceptances. I don't now how much longer I can handle this pressure!! And now I have to throw my apparently dramatically young looking appearance into it. How am I going to get people to take me seriously!? I probably won't. I'll just dazzle them with my wits and quirky sense of humor ;)

On the downside/somewhat upside I have to go back to work tomorrow. I have been holding off!! I know the people at work know me and if they are in dire need of a lot of help they will have no trouble calling. So I wasn't surprised when i got the text today saying new sheep study starts tomorrow. And so I will be there bright and very early, baby face and all. Messing up my new manicure in sheep world.

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