"I Live to think for myself. I refuse to be a mindless sheep following the crowd into cookie-cutter oblivion. Otherwise I'd just be a zombie with no heart or passion in life" - Hervey Taylor IV

I know... I'm kind of a failure

Thursday, February 16, 2012

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Sorry, I have been failing at posting. These early mornings and traveling along with school and homework are kind of starting to wear me down! As a matter of fact I have to head out for 5 straight hours of class including a quiz here in a minute. And I just took three tests on Tuesday (Happy V-day to me). So... I'm kind of a tired wreck and really just want to sleep forever. Or just drink 18 gallons of coffee. Either will do.

I have some good news though that I will be writing about very very soon! Also, some beautiful pictures of my trip to Michigan. I absolutely love it there.

Stay with me folks and I promise to get stuff out within a day or two!

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