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The Awkward Library

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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I just had the most awkward encounter in the library and I need to share it with you.

So, here I am sitting with my book and papers spread out. Drinking a coffee and eating my breakfast in the library at school before class starts.

I happen to be studying for my medical microbiology class in which we had a case study presented to us last week and are now going over the organism which caused this fictitious women's unpleasant STD.

All of the sudden, I feel like I am being watched. I turn to see this guy standing right next to my table looking at me intensely. I give him a strange quizzical glance and then turn back to my homework.

Next thing I know I hear him say: Man, that's harsh.

At first, I don't quite understand that he is talking to me. But then it becomes clear when he doesn't leave right away. I turn and say, "Excuse me?"

He then goes on to say that he doesn't want to judge me because we all do stupid things. But googling my "symptoms" isn't going to help me. The best way to know is to go to the doctor and get checked.

This kid is obviously looking out for me so I let him continue on with his little rant. He further goes to explain that Gonorrhea is a horrible disease to catch and it could actually lead to my infertility if left untreated. And did I know that it is becoming quite resistant to antibiotics... AND it often is present with multiple other STDs.

He continues to give me the low down on Gonorrhea quite loudly... in a fairly filled library. I am acutely aware of how many people are staring at us.

I ask the guy if he is a biology major. He just says nope... English. And his face gets a little sad at the fact that he just realized how much he knows about this particular STD. Which makes me a little concerned for how he came upon this fairly detailed information.

He walks away and leaves the library while several people continue to stare at me... obviously thinking I have an STD. Sweet.

I look back down at my homework and realize he has just answered every single question for me. So, thanks English major in the library. In return for a good 20ish people thinking I have Gonorrhea... you did my homework for me.

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