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Happy Half Birthday

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

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Today is my third favorite day of the year!! My first being Thanksgiving and my second being my birthday :) Though in reality, I don't actually celebrate my birthday big every year. I prefer a mellow day. And on the rare chance that I get a mellow day... I LOVE my birthday.

But do any of you know what today is? It is St. Nicholas day. BUT more importantly... it is my half birthday! These two occasions collide every year on December 6th and it is amazing. Usually I am smack in the middle of finals week. Which I currently am. Boo. Just 4 finals left though.

So officially today I am 21 and a half years of age. Which I can celebrate Thursday with my little sister (sorority related sister) who is in fact older than me. Almost everybody is older than me. It's something I have learned to accept and now that I am 21, I actually quite enjoy it because everybody will always be older. Which means when they are turning 40 I will still be in my 30s and kickin it!

On this momentous half birthday and St. Nicholas day I get my stocking. We don't do stockings on Christmas. We like to spread out our gift giving and start today. It is my favorite thing waking up and finding a stocking full of wonderful goodies. For those 3 years that I lived in the dorms and the sorority house and then a house with some friends, it was the saddest day not waking up and getting a stocking. But my mom always had one for us when we returned home for a visit. Now, this being my last year living in Cruces (hopefully), it is a bittersweet half birthday for me. My last actual stocking I will receive on this exact day in my own house. It really is sad.

 But for now I enjoy the gifts that I got: Gum (yumm), chap stick, a Christmas Moose (I love meeses. They are just so adorable!), sheep earrings (because I work with farm animals I tend to get gifts with farm animals on them. I love this. Even though I dislike actual sheep I enjoy accessories with sheep on them because they are just so cute. In real life... they are not cute. In real life the poop and they pee and they are dumber than any other animal I have ever come in contact with. Therefore, I enjoy these little mementos that make people have a skewed reality about how lovable sheep are. Without these cute little trinkets, people would undoubtedly hate sheep and I happen to like lamb and wool so I prefer this to not happen. Additionally, they will go excellent with my sheep high-top converse. Oh yeah. I have sheep converse.) And now that I am 21, I got champagne mixers. Oh how I love being 21 and have the holidays coming. Lots of delicious wine and champagne to be had!
 All I have to do is get through 3 more days of finals and I am home free. Then it is just a winter break filled with very early morning feeding/cleaning/sample taking... of you guessed it... SHEEP! But after those early mornings, I can sleep and read and have very long Supernatural marathons and enjoy my time off with the family and friends. 

I hope your St. Nicholas day is as magical as mine!! Though it probably won't be for most because I doubt it is your half birthday... though June 6th was a very popular day of birthing and I know at least 7 people who share it with me. Regardless, have a jolly good day and enjoy being alive and hopefully carefree (well as carefree as anybody can really be).

To my readers: I know some of you are thinking this is not as humorous as my usual blogs but I urge you to enjoy my light heartedness. It is a rare occasion. And as most of you know. I am, in fact, a Grinch and I very much dislike the revved up commercialized holiday of Christmas. This is about as jolly as I will be getting with the Christmas season currently being shoved down  my throat.

With that, a snow update: My school is delayed by 2 hours. Which does not help me in the slightest seeing as how I have a 2-4 hour OUTDOOR final at 1:30 this afternoon. Did I mention it is 18 degrees outside? No joke. I just looked at the thermometer. I live in Cruces. I do not own warm clothes. I have TWO long sleeve shirts... I just looked. The rest are short sleeved or 3/4. I am not sure that I will survive this weather. I literally have 1 warm jacket. And my scarves are for fashion not to provide heat. Help me!

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