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The Invisible Degree

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

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Sometimes I wonder about the actual capabilities of people in the academic offices. Throughout the years, I have had so many problems with them... people in charge of registration, people in charge of finances, people in charge of the running of this university. It is really quite frustrating at times. I really think it comes down to a lack of training and a huge communication error.

Take this instance for example which is currently an ongoing frustration of mine.

As you know, I am graduating in T-minus 46 days. I will be graduating with a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture majoring in Animal Science, a Degree of Bachelor of Science majoring in Biology, and a Degree of Bachelor of Science majoring in Microbiology.

I applied to have these degrees added to my transcript and for the past 3ish years they have been on every piece of mail I have sent to other schools. When I officially applied for my diplomas, I had to pay for 3 separate ones... a total of $75 and everything in life was looking good. All I need to do is pass the 4 classes I am currently taking that actually matter for my degrees, which is quite easy.

And yet, I find myself reading an e-mail congratulating me on my two degrees and these are the ones that will show up on the graduation program and the only two diplomas I will receive. No, these are not the only 2 degrees I will get. I would not have stayed an extra year to get the 2 degrees I finished last year... no thanks. I think I will take the 3 I paid for, the 3 I studied for, the 3 I took all the required classes and then some for.

In an effort to figure out who screwed up, I contact the advising department of my college... in which they believe they accidentally lost my degree. I'm so sorry... you WHAT?

Lets just back up for a minute here lady. I'm actually positive you didn't lose my degree. Why? Because I have the receipt for the 3 I purchased. Not to mention this transcript. You see this official piece of shiny paper with the school seal on it and everything... which I just got today. Which your office printed. Which has all 3 of my degrees. See... even your office says that I have them.

In which she replies, "Well, this information doesn't say that."

Are these official school transcripts that I am holding in my hand invisible to you!? I mean really, did they just change in to harry potter and they can get around with a cloak of invisibility hiding from only your eyes seeing as how everybody else knows what the heck is going on? Honestly, that is the only explanation I have for this here.That or your complete lack of competence.

I really don't want to be rude. And I am trying really really hard not to be, but this isn't just a small problem. This is something I have been working five years for. FIVE YEARS. And I am not going to let it get thrown all away because you are... for a lack of better words... completely incapable of doing your job correctly.

If this doesn't get fixed very soon, sparks will fly. And I'm actually pretty good at making sparks if I really want to.

In conclusion... get it together people. Get it together.

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