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Friday, March 16, 2012

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Yes I know, you keep getting the same excuses from me as of late but I cannot help it. I am a mess. Really, I am a mess. I am in such an utter state of disrepair that I spent 15 minutes looking for a pair of pants yesterday. A pair of pants that I had swore I hadn't seen in over a month. A pair of pants, it turns out, I was currently wearing. But, I am getting much better... I think. I was super sick for about a week and now that that is done and I'm starting to get a grip on my life for the coming several months. Regular blogging is at the top of my list. Promise! For real this time.

Official updates:
  • I am going to the University of Michigan come fall!! I am so incredibly excited. I think I knew the second I had my recruitment weekend up there that it was the school for me. I guess I have to get used to some cold and some snow... and apparently tornadoes like the one that hit them yesterday. It's going to be a lot of adjusting. But, I am going to be a wolverine. Which means, decent football!!! Not the crappy stuff we get thrown with down here. (Some of these pics are a little blurry because I felt like my fingers were going to fall off in the 15 degree weather!)

  • I signed a lease for my housing this fall. I was originally going to get a place by myself. Then, I realized how expensive life is and how absolutely poor I am. My mother also felt the need to remind me that I will be getting paid below the poverty line next year. Awesome. Hello ramon noodles! Not to mention the fact that I need to buy a new car. So, after craigslisting for several weeks I found it! The cutest little house (okay not so little)! I'm actually going to have 7 roommates. SEVEN! It sounds a little insane but I am so excited. It's an instant basis of people I get to know and way better than moving to a town where I literally do not know a soul. To top it off, the days of skype have allowed me to even meet some of my roommates. It's going to be a good year. I can tell.
Looks little from the front but this baby has 8 good sized bedrooms, 2 kitchens, 4 baths and is a deep house rather than wide.
  • I signed my lease for the summer too. I am living in this apartment with 2 other people down in a great part of Boston. Just a couple of T stops from work. It's amazing, this 3 bedroom apartment costs as much as the 5 bedroom section of my house in Ann Arbor is going to cost (my house is actually a duplex but we're renting as a whole. One section is 3 bedrooms. One section is 5 bedrooms). Boston is ridiculously expensive... and I think if I had decided to go to school there I would have had to sell a kidney.
  • I am car shopping tomorrow!! I am not actually going to buy until probably early May but I am going to go around and look. I need a nice reliable car. If, I was to take mine it would blow up half way through Texas. Literally, blow up. Personally, I like the Honda Fit best. What do you think?
Exterior Photo of 2012 Honda Fit
2012 Honda Fit
2012 Nissan Versa Hatchback

2012 Kia Soul

  • Spring Break officially starts for us tonight after I get done with wine class. Not that it really matters... at all actually. I still have to be up before the sun every day except Sundays. I have to say losing those creatures is going to be the best day of my life!

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